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How to Support Local Business as Central Ohio Reopens

The unprecedented restrictions and closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in different ways, and some more than others. Small business owners and employees have been among the hardest hit—which means it’s more important than ever before to support local business.

Support Local Business, Keep Central Ohio Unique

supporting a local business

Local businesses play an important role in the economy, the culture, and the community of Central Ohio. Many of the area’s smaller towns rely on local businesses to supply residents with food, necessities, and employment. For others, charming downtowns draw in visitors from throughout the area, bolstering the economy. For all, the loss of small business would mean a loss of culture and community for residents and visitors alike.

Here’s how you can help to prevent the permanent closure of small business.

Check for delivery or pickup services

ordering takeout to support small business

You may not be able to walk through the door or shop around in person at your favorite store, but you might be able to call in an order or even shop online. Just as restaurants have adapted to offer takeout and delivery options, many other types of business have done the same.

Buy gift cards for later

buying a gift card

You might not be able to or want to shop or use the services of your favorite local biz right now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to later. Purchase a gift card for your favorite store, restaurant, salon, or other business to support them now, when they most need it, and when they reopen or you are able to leave home again, it’ll be a little gift to yourself.

Tip a little extra

tipping to support local business

If you do go out to eat at a restaurant or you’re able to get into the salon or spa, be sure to tip a little extra if you can! Remember, your waiter or stylist has likely been out of work for a few months—and that’s not easy on anyone.

Keep paying memberships

gym free weights

Since gyms, recreational facilities, parks, museums, and social clubs are currently still closed, you might be tempted to suspend or cancel memberships or ask for a refund. Instead, you may want to just keep paying your membership dues, even though you can’t take advantage of membership benefits, to make sure you have a gym or club to return to when they reopen!

Check for online services

online gym class

If your gym, yoga studio, tutor, therapist, or favorite aquarium is still closed, check to see if they’re offering online services instead. You might be able to meet with a tutor or therapist via video chat, take a virtual tour of an aquarium or zoo online, or attend an online fitness class.

Spread the word via social media

searching on facebook

If you find out your favorite local business is offering something outside the norm—online classes, free delivery, special services or products—share the news! Post it on your social media pages, link to their website or social media pages, and get the word out.

Donate your time or know-how

making a website for a small business

Are you a guru of the marketing or web industries? Offer your services to a local business that doesn’t have a website or could use a boost. Help them get the word out about how they might have changed up their business to adapt to social distancing restrictions.

Making a Move in Central Ohio?

Are you thinking of buying a home in or relocating to the Central Ohio area? We’d love to help! Contact the DeLena Ciamacco team today to learn more about how we can help you find the perfect home in just the right spot—or clear up any questions you have about how your real estate goals might have been affected by the ongoing health crisis.

Selling in Central Ohio? We can certainly help with that, too.

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