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SOLD: The Charles Manson Murder House

In what they thought was the safety of their own home, two innocent victims fell prey to the brutality of the infamous Charles Manson and his Family… and their Los Angeles home just sold for a cool $1.98 million.

Fifty years after serving as the gristly murder scene of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, this “Charles Manson Murder House” seems a deceptively idyllic little slice of LA real estate—complete with a pool, Italian tile floors, and stunning views of Downtown LA. And now, it belongs to “Ghost Adventures” star Zak Bagans.

But the real question is: would you have bought this almost-certainly haunted and dark little slice of American history?

Take a Tour Through This Charles Manson Murder House

From the outside, it could be just another home in LA. The pale stucco walls. The red tile roof. The backyard pool and covered patio. The lush landscaping might even usher in a sense of peace and tranquility, lulling unwary visitors into a false sense of security… But inside, will there be a… chill? A sense of inherent wrongness you just can’t quite put your finger on? A feeling that you’re not quite… alone?

It’s Both Elegant and Kind of Creepy

Is it all the white? The walls of mirrors? The dated chandeliers and faded carpeting? There’s something just a bit off in this home, like it’s stood empty for fifty years, overshadowed by its own brutal history, haunted by memory… or perhaps something more…

That cold shiver down your spine, that feeling like icy fingers down your back, it’s just a shiver, nothing more.

But You Could Definitely Sleep in the Bedroom

What a relaxing spot to rest your head! All that sunshine, those views! And after dark, almost certainly no one’s going to come through that glass door and murder you in your sleep. Almost certainly.

And Those Views!

You just can’t beat those views! The rising mountains in the distance, the lush greenery, plus a nice patio to enjoy them from. It might even be enough to take your mind off the ghost waiting for you inside or the lingering sense of dread lurking around hidden corners and waiting in every empty room…

It’s the Perfect Spot for a Secluded Sunset

Those streaks of color painted across the sky are such a sight to behold! And you, all alone, surrounded by trees and open spaces… no one around for miles… no one to hear you… sigh in contented awe at the sunset’s spectacular display. Perfect, truly.

Not Quite Sold on the Charles Manson Murder House?

If you’re looking for the house of your dreams—not your nightmares—then maybe this one’s not for you. But I bet we could find you one that is! Contact DeLena Ciamacco and team today so we can help you find the ideal community and the perfect home in Central Ohio.

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