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Cure For Dog Days Boredom? Have a Cosmic Summer at Center Of Science and Industry

Even with a multitude of educational gadgets and video games lying around, kids sometimes complain of being bored during the hottest days of the year. Every parent would love to have activities on hand that are educational and enriching, but there are those days when the kids have tired of all the stuff to do in the house. What happens when they get tired of all the things to do in the neighborhood? Well, you can now “gather the crew” and explore space through the actual eyes of an astronaut, with abundant out-of-this-world experiences at our own homegrown museum full of wonder, COSI.
As Grade-A blockbusters such as “Apollo 13” and “The Right Stuff” showed us along the years, the journey into space was not easy, and not without grave sacrifice. This year through September 4th, you can experience the challenge and excitement those in space flight encounter. Virtual crew members are on hand to lead you through interactive missions where you can fly spaceships, and try your hand at navigating a lunar rover. “Journey to Space” in 3-D is also showing daily: a chance to explore deep space up close, and an inspiring piece that stokes the interest in younger generations to explore the vast outer limits of space.
In the planetarium this summer you can check out the “Asteroid: Mission Extreme” enhanced media presentation: it takes you through a journey that explores whether or not asteroids can be used as stepping stones to other vast destinations in our universe. Mesmerizing and monumental, these two presentations will keep imaginative minds sharp during the summer months, and provide the grown-ups in the audience some interstellar entertainment to boot.
During the summer months is a time when many pull out the bikes: who doesn’t want to ride when the weather is warmer, the days longer, and everyone else is out of school to join you? Right here at COSI, you can complete a very unique exercise by taking a ride on the only high wire unicycle in the world. You will shoot across an 84-foot cable, while hovering 17 feet above the ground. It’s a safe bet for a true thrill, and a learning experience you won’t soon forget.
In recent years, much has been learned about the various types of fragile land areas that uniquely provide water to Ohio’s many streams and rivers. You can also have some indoor summer learning fun with a hands-on lab space that is dedicated to the learning of watersheds, and enjoy your time spent taking the scenery in on the “lily pad”. Those in your troupe who love to tinker will be excited to get their hands on the “Gadgets Cafe”, where they can go to town on dismantling old machines, and learn how common use appliances work in the meantime.
One of the reasons why our brokerage is so excited to endorse this museum is because of its energy displays: the new Energy Explorers exhibition focuses gravely on how our transportation choices, products we purchase, and the ways we live and carry out our work affect the health of the planet. While making your way through this exhibit, you can become an “energy explorer”, and make choices that further progress the transformation into an energy-efficient hero.
Our planet is reaching a point where we all need to understand its limitations and boundaries, and we applaud the museum for diligently doing their part. Don’t miss this Grade A attraction this year during your Columbus summer, and help support one of the best intelligence hubs and icons in the city!
If you have any further questions about the Columbus area visit my site or give me a call at 614.882.6725

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