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Most Common Home Swimming Pool Problems

It is pool season again! Are you worried about how your pool might hold up this summer? Here are some of the most common pool repairs to watch out for, in four categories that are each discussed at length.
Pump problems: The pump is central to a residential pool system and boasts the highest number of moving parts in the system, so it only makes sense that it would call for a correspondingly high number of repairs. Problems with the pump can include a pump not pulling water; a pump leaking water; an extremely loud motor; a motor not turning on, or turning off after a certain period of time; or a motor that is sucking in air. These types of problems could result in water not being filtered, circulated, or heated properly and should be addressed by a pool servicing professional.
Heater problems: Has your pool heater stopped turning on completely, or does it seem to be having trouble staying on? This could be traced to a variety of causes, the most common of which are a dirty filter and a clogged impeller. In either situation, the flow could become slow enough that it actually causes the pressure switch to keep the heater turned off. Other causes for a faulty heater include impaired circuitry, an improperly set timer, debris in the heater, or corroded terminals. Heater problems can involve mechanics that are highly dangerous for anyone but a seasoned professional to deal with, so be sure to call a pool servicer for this one.
Filter problems: Maintaining clean water is essential to owning a pool, so if there is something wrong with your pool filter, it won’t take long to notice. A faulty pool filter can be traced to a leak in the tank; too high of a flow rate; a filter that is not big enough for the system; clogs; algae growth due to low chlorine levels; low system pressure; or a dirty cartridge. A faulty filter can make for dirty water fast, so if you are not able to get to the root of the issue relatively quickly, it’s a good idea to call a professional.
Chemical Problems: Chemical problems do not always necessarily mean for a call to the nearest pool professional, but they can at times be complicated enough to. Common chemical problems that pools face include murky water, algae growth, slimy bacterial growth, scale buildup, foaming, liner wrinkling, and rust. These issues could be caused by low sanitizer levels, improper filtration, environmental influences, and more.

4 thoughts on “Most Common Home Swimming Pool Problems

  1. It’s interesting that pool heater problems are among the most common for homeowners. I didn’t realize that the heater could be so problematic although it makes sense given its responsibility to heat the body of water. I’ll have to have a technician come take a look because I can’t seem to find the source of the problem and think it’s the heater itself.

    1. I’m happy that this article could give a little insight. I found it to be very eye opening myself! I hope that the technician is able to solve the problem and have your pool functioning properly again!

  2. Yes, some of the common home swimming pool issues are like the pump is known for boasting the higher number of moving parts in the system. Some of the signs like motor is not turning on or motor not sucking air. These kinds of symptoms should sort out by professional immediately. Then heater problems can deal in high risk and should be done under the professional or seasoned pool service. A faulty filter can make the dirty water polluted and therefore quickly call upon the professional pool services. Common chemical problems like algae growth, foaming, slimy bacteria growth etc these are most common swimming pool problems that every pool owner often face . For solve this problem or maintain the pool one can contact this service center. Thanks for the excellent tips and good to aware the pool problems. Awesome blog to share.

  3. Pool must be a comfortable place for you in hot weather. So, you should be careful to maintain it. Despite proper care, some components of a pool need regular maintenance. These items can be the pool’s heater, pump and water filter. For safety, you cannot overlook the condition of water. You have to maintain the chemical levels in it to keep the germs and bacteria at bay. To keep the pool safety and usable, you should make an appointment with a pool pro at right intervals. He would also suggest you the common care tips.

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