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The Best Dog-Friendly Home Features to Keep You and Your Best Friend Happy

October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month—so let’s talk about the best dog-friendly home features every canine pet owner should be looking for in their Central Ohio home!

Room to Run

Want to make your pooch truly happy? Give him a nice big yard to run around in! Wooded lots are nice for some squirrel-hunting and exploring, and fenced yards are great for safety and peace of mind. Another option, especially for larger or more wooded yards, is an invisible fence. To give him even more freedom, you might even consider installing a doggie door.

Comfort & Coziness

There’s nothing dogs love better than basking in the hot afternoon sun. A patio or deck is a great way for him to soak up those rays any time of day. Large windows and sunny rooms are great for the cooler winter months, and a nice fireplace will keep him plenty warm on those chilly Central Ohio nights.

Flooring You Can Both Appreciate

Dogs and their owners might disagree on the best type of flooring for pet homes. Dogs would probably say soft, cushy carpeting ideal for daytime naps and slippy paws. Owners will likely disagree, citing pet messes and cleaning difficulties. What’s the best type of flooring for both Fido and his master?

Fortunately, there are a few options. Ceramic tile tends to be the best for damage resistance, while hardwood and laminates provide hassle-free cleaning. Lay out some area rugs (in sunny spots, near the fireplace, and around the stairs) to give your pooch some soft spots to nap on. Carpet isn’t out, either. Many newer carpets offer stain-resistance for pet friendliness. Just remember to choose coloring that will hide your pet’s hairs.

Want to Customize Your Home for Your Pooch?

It’s actually not uncommon—many homeowners and builders are customizing homes to accommodate their pets. Customizations such as the Pet Suite—which features a washing station with pet dryer, automatic feeding station, built-in cabinets for treats and toys, and even a bunk bed—or smaller-step staircases for little legs are springing up in many new construction designs around the country.

Ready to Find Your Fido-Friendly Home in Central Ohio?

Have you been exploring the beautiful communities of Central Ohio and thinking of buying a home here? Then it’s time to contact me! I can help you find just the right house with all the right features—for both you and your furry friends. Let’s start searching homes for sale in Central Ohio today!

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