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Scare Yourself Silly at Central Ohio’s Most Haunted Places

Looking for a way to scare yourself silly? Well, you don’t have to go far—Central Ohio is home to quite a few pretty legendary haunts. So steel yourself and get ready for chills down your spine, strange lights you can’t explain, whispering voices in your ear, and that eerie feeling that someone is watching you…

The Ridges: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

It was once the Athens Lunatic Asylum, where horribly misunderstood and maltreated mental patients suffered from violent treatments. Today, the building is owned by the university, but its true owners are the ever-restless spirits who still wail through its dank halls…

Mirror Lake: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Take a stroll around the lake at dusk and you just might detect the faint splashes and pleas for help of a student who suffered a drowning fate back in the 1960’s. Stay a little longer and you just might feel a cold breeze on the back of your neck and turn to observe a shadowy jogger hurrying by, glancing repeatedly over his shoulder as his unknown murderer chases him for all eternity…

The Historic Stoner House: Westerville, OH

Built in 1852 by George Stoner, this historic house once served as a station on the Underground Railroad and contains a hidden room in the basement where fugitives would hide until the coast was clear. There have been reports of a shadowy figure coming in the back door on the second floor porch, strange mists and lights lingering about the property, voices without bodies calling out to visitors…

Mudhouse Mansion: Lancaster, OH

This abandoned brick mansion built in the mid 1800’s is shrouded in legend. There’s the owner who locked his servants in the basement until one night they escaped and brutally murdered him. There’s the husband who took a knife to his unfaithful wife. And don’t forget about the mother who slayed her children in cold blood. Today, all these troubled spirits still wander the property, searching for their vengeance…

Ohio State Reformatory: Mansfield, OH

It’s a little bit of the drive, but it’s alleged to be one of the most haunted places in Ohio. The twisted and shadowy past of this historic prison is one of brutal violence and inhumane horrors, overcrowded cells, criminally insane inmates, riots and fights to the death… Only the truly fearless dare set foot within its eerie halls to confront these vicious and restless ghosts.

Get SCARED in Central Ohio… Or Enjoy the Season Your Way

You don’t have to be a Halloween-fiend to love life in Central Ohio! There’s a lot more to the beautiful rolling countryside, bustling towns, and thriving city opportunities than just the dark shadows of the past. Come explore life in Central Ohio, learn more about buying a home here, search homes for sale, or just contact me to get started.

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