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Celebrity-Inspired Home Staging for Successful Selling

We’ve all seen (and probably been amazed by) celebrity home photos. Gorgeous design! Amazing lighting! Flawless decor! Awe-inspiring photography! If you could make your home look like that, you’d sell for top dollar, no questions asked!

Well, why not?

Make Your Home Catalogue-Worthy with Celebrity-Inspired Home Staging

celebrity-inspired home staging

You don’t have to have a multi-million dollar beachfront mansion or posh highrise penthouse to wow buyers with your listing. Instead, take some tips out of the pros’ books and use these celebrity-inspired home staging tips to make your home stand out from the crowd.

Here’s how.

Remember: Less is more.

minimalist home decor

When you look at pictures of celebrity homes, or designer homes, one of the first things you probably notice is how neat and clean everything is. They look almost unlived in! And while you don’t want to give your home a vacant look, you do want to try to remove some of the “you” from your home.

That includes unnecessary or unused clutter, personal belongings (like family photos), and any excessive decor.

Keep it neutral

room with neutral colors

Part of paring down and removing the “you” is toning down bold decor or bright colors. Painting is a great way to breathe new life into a room—and introduce a nice, neutral background palette, if you don’t already have one. Focus on colors that are easy to match, like beige, grey, cream, and even light blues or yellows.

Layer your lighting

celebrity-inspired home staging with layered lighting

Introducing more lighting can make your home feel bigger, brighter, and more open. But it’s not all about adding lighting—you have to consider the type of light you’re adding, too. You’ll want to have practical overhead lighting, of course, but adding task lighting, like a table lamp, can bring in some additional warmth and atmosphere.

Don’t forget the details

accents and decor

Sometimes, we get so caught up in the big picture—walls, flooring, appliances—that we forget about the details! Simple finishes and upgrades, like new hardware on cabinets and doors, or crown molding, can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of a room. Even adding bright accent pillows to a couch can totally transform your look!

Work the window treatments

window treatments for celebrity-inspired home staging

Don’t let your windows go naked! A home without window treatments will look unfinished and a little stark. And window treatments don’t have to be a big-budget overhaul, either. Try to stay away from transparent and synthetic materials (as they can look cheap), or spring for bamboo shades or wood blinds for a really updated look.

Add unique finishes

kitchen with unique finishes

Most builders use standard fixtures in non-custom-built homes, which means that many homes will have the same or similar light fixtures, outlets, doorknobs, cabinets pulls, and even faucets. A few easy upgrades here and there—designer light fixtures, new drawer pulls, fresh outlet plates—will take your home from standard to well above average.

Bring in the outdoors

plants for celebrity-inspired home staging

More than ever, plants and potted accessories are popping up in celebrity home photo shoots, and there are a few good reasons for that! Not only do plants help filter and purify the air in your home, they also can help bring your space to catalogue-level design.

Want to Get Your Home Celeb-Seller Ready?

Are you looking for celebrity-inspired home staging tips because you’re thinking of selling your home in Central Ohio? Then I’m here to help! Contact me and my team today to learn more about how I can get your home looking showroom-worthy, price it accurately, and list it for top dollar.

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