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Spent Too Much During the Holidays? Here’s How to Recover & Buy Your Central Ohio Home

Spent a little too much this holiday season and wondering if you’ll still be able to buy that Central Ohio home you’ve been dreaming about? Don’t worry; home-buying is still in your future. Here are some easy money-saving tips to help you bounce back from the holidays!

Save Money on Shopping

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to building up your savings account is to create a budget and stick to it. Monitoring your spending can help you ensure that the things you’re buying are really the things you need, and not just impulse buys. Here are some ways you can stick to your budget:

  1. Plan your meals for the week around coupons and local grocery store savings. Make a shopping list and buy only items on your list when you shop.
  2. Order online to find discounted goods or to buy in bulk.
  3. Buy generic brands when you don’t have a preference.
  4. Remove credit cards from online shopping sites, and wait 48 hours before buying to avoid impulse buys.
  5. Open a separate checking account just for your home savings, and create an automatic monthly transfer to that account.

Save Money Around the House

Another good way you can cut down on monthly expenses and build up your savings is to find ways around the house to cut costs. Here are some ways you can lower your monthly home expenses:

  1. Turn down the heat. Even just a few degrees can help! Your savings account will thank you for bundling up.
  2. Change out your air filters in your HVAC system—and make sure you have it regularly inspected—to increase efficiency.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat so you pay for what you’re really using and not just heating an empty home.
  4. Turn off lights, fans, and other appliances when not in use.
  5. Unplug appliances, or plug them into a power strip and switch off the power strip.
  6. Replace your old light bulbs with LED or Energy Star bulbs, which use less energy and last significantly longer.
  7. Have a yard sale! Simultaneously get rid of things you don’t use and maybe make a little money. (Or donate clothes and furniture for a tax break!)

Save on Dining and Entertainment

Yes, we all love going out to eat and spending time with friends outside of home. But it can be very costly, especially if it’s a frequent occurrence! Here are some ways you can lower your entertainment expenses:

  1. Cook at home. If you’re not much of a cook, a small investment like a crock pot can be a great way to prepare delicious meals with very little work. If your friends are big on going out to eat, try hosting a potluck instead.
  2. Pack your lunch. Saves you that lunch break run to the nearest fast food joint or sandwich shop (think: longer lunch break!), and it will even help you reach your healthy eating New Year’s Resolution!
  3. Find ways to entertain the kids for free. Try new ideas like game nights, visiting a new local park, at-home movie nights, or backyard/basement sports.
  4. Swap your vacation for a staycation and challenge yourself to find new and interesting ways to have fun right in your own town.
  5. Cancel unused subscriptions, memberships, or other services.

Thinking of Buying a New Home in Central Ohio in 2017?

If you’re saving up for that beautiful new home in Central Ohio, then it’s time to contact me. I can help you learn more about buying a home in Central Ohio, find the perfect Central Ohio town or city, and start searching homes for sale.

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